Palmetto Truck Center offers the latest Autocar vehicles including the ACX, E3 Hybrid, and the WX/WXR commercial trucks. Palmetto Truck Center is the only dealer in Miami-Dade and Broward County to offer the Autocar. Pictured is Autocar's ACX model. 

The E3 Hybrid refuse trucks feature RunWise Advanced Series Hybrid Drive - developed by Parker Hannifin that increases fuel savings up to 50%, lowers carbon emissions up to 38 tons per year and reduces noise levels and overall operating costs. Autocar's refuse and waste disposal vehicles are up to 1,000 pounds lighter and are highly maneuverable for tight urban areas. They feature the strongest cabs in the industry and their hoses and electrical harnesses are routed for safety and convenient maintenance.

Palmetto Truck supplies Miami-Dade County, City of Hialeah and City of Miami with their hybrid refuse vehicles.

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