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Ford F-150 Production Update

When you build what CNN calls “the most important vehicle in America” and your supply line suffers a catastrophic mishap, what do you do? That isn’t a hypothetical question; it’s exactly the scenario the Ford Motor Company has been staring down these last few weeks. The short answer? Get all hands on deck. The longer answer, and what these developments mean at Ford dealerships like Palmetto Ford Truck Sales, is a bit more complex. 

If you haven’t heard the news, here’s what happened. On May 2, a serious fire took place at a facility operated by Meridian Magnesium Products. While most of the machinery surprisingly only suffered minimal damage, the same couldn’t be said for the plant itself; many parts of it were declared structurally unsound.

You wouldn’t think that the loss of a single part from a single supplier would bring so much production to a halt, but this is no ordinary part or supplier. Meridian supplies about half the radiator supports used in the Ford F-150 and the Ford Super Duty trucks. Because they’re made of magnesium, and because the fabrication is especially complex, it’s not something that’s easily sourced from another manufacturer.

Because the Ford F-150 is the best-selling Ford vehicle (and America’s best-selling vehicle overall), that’s a problem. Production recently went back online, but it’s greatly diminished. Those looking for a new Ford F-150 may not see a problem, but if you’re visiting Palmetto Ford Truck Sales, it could be a different story, since the Ford Super Duty trucks that are our bread and butter haven’t been prioritized the same as their higher-selling smaller siblings.

In the face of potential shortages, we don’t suggest waiting too long for a new Ford truck. We’ll be able to provide Ford parts and service uninterrupted, but this could disrupt medium and long-term deliveries on larger Ford trucks.

For questions and updates as this story unfolds, call (305) 470-1375 or visit Palmetto Ford Truck Sales at 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL.


Getting Your Ford Truck Ready for Summer

If you live in the Miami area, the mild winters are one of life’s great perks. That said, they can also complicate things when it comes to maintaining your Ford truck. After all, unlike our friends to the north, we don’t have pronounced changes in the seasons to remind us to keep things shipshape. Time for a visit to Palmetto Ford Truck Sales.

Here are a few easy essentials, some of which you can take care of yourself and others of which should be left to our expert technicians.

  • Spring cleaning: Start off the new season with a clean truck or SUV. It won’t take long, and it’s especially advisable if you’ve leased your new Ford truck or SUV.
  • Visual inspection: Nobody wants to be pulled over for a broken taillight or find their visibility is terrible in the pouring rain because a headlight is out. Make sure everything’s in working order, and while you’re at it, check your tires (including the spare) for signs of wear due to use or age.
  • Highway tuneup: We like cranking the stereo on long drives as much as anyone. But for this part of your checklist, turn the radio or the Ford SYNC infotainment system off. You want to keep an ear open for any unusual noises, as well as checking steering feel, brake response, and anything that might feel a bit off.
  • Visit our Ford service center: Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the condition of your Ford F-150. Make note of any potential issues, then bring your vehicle into our Miami Ford dealership. We’ll go over your vital systems — fluids, brakes, battery, hoses, filters, and the rest — to ensure you’re ready for the hot months ahead.

Don’t forget, Palmetto Ford Truck Sales uses OEM Ford parts, installed by expert Ford technicians. Whether you’re keeping your truck ready for your next big job, or getting your SUV ready for a family vacation, we’re here at 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL to serve you. Questions? Call (305) 470-1375.


Ford Focus Active Sneak Peek

We know what you’re thinking. “Ford Focus? I thought y’all sold Ford trucks and SUVs.” We do, and that’s why we’re talking about the Ford Focus Active. It’s coming to Ford dealerships like Palmetto Ford Truck Sales soon, and it’s part of a longer game than many people realize.

A little while ago in this space, we mentioned that the Ford Motor Company is busy re-tooling and future-proofing its lineup. As a recent article in Forbes points out, the Ford car lineup — especially the Ford Fiesta, Ford Taurus, and Ford Fusion — has been around for a while. Each model is due in for a redesign. Those redesigns are expensive to do, and they’re coming right about when the market for cars is cratering.

So the solution’s superficially easy. Aside from the Ford Focus Active and the classic Ford Mustang, the company just won’t bother with cars in North America. Instead, they’re focusing on crossovers, SUVs, trucks, and vans. In just a few short years, the transition will be complete. There’s even a timeline spelled out in the company’s Q1 2018 earnings report.

For now, the Ford Focus Active is an unknown quantity. It’s based on the current Ford Focus, and it has all the right crossover bits in all the right places. There’s added ride height, a slightly different body style, body cladding, and ample cargo space. It’ll be a good fit for someone who doesn’t need the bulk of a Ford Explorer but wants some of the perks that go with owning an SUV.

Big picture, this is part of a larger shift toward “mobility solutions,” including new trucks like the Ford Ranger, new SUVs like the Ford Bronco, and a lot more attention paid to hybrid tech and electrification. It may seem like the end of an era, but in truth, it’s just another rebirth from a company that’s seen plenty of those (and lasted 114 years because of it).

And those new Ford trucks? They’re right here at Palmetto Ford Truck Sales, same as always. Visit us at 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL today.


Fleet Services at Palmetto Ford Truck Sales

Since 1966, Palmetto Ford Truck Sales has served individuals from all over the greater Miami area. We’re also the first stop for many businesses looking to build a new fleet, or plug the gaps in their existing motor pool. We’re proud to offer a wide range of programs and incentives via Ford Fleet. Here’s a sampling. 

Clients Served

Ford Fleet programs can be tailored to a wide range of clients. These include SMBs, rental fleets, law enforcement, government, DPW, and a wide range of commercial applications. Your Ford Fleet partner will help you find and customize from among a family of vehicles that combines reliability, performance, and efficiency.

Fleet Programs

Select Ford dealerships — and Palmetto Ford Truck Sales is one of them — offer a wide range of perks under the Ford Fleet umbrella. These include inventory relief under a remarketing program, a highly competitive inventive structure, custom body design and building, and alternative fuel vehicles.

Other programs are offered alongside Ford Fleet, including Mobility Motoring (which outfits select Ford vehicles with adaptive technologies), emissions guides, and much more.

Commercial Inventory

Of course, the programs listed above don’t amount to much without a robust selection to back them up. Among the vehicles we offer are commercial Ford vehicles, ranging in size from the Ford F-150 pickups to the heavy-duty Ford F-750 and a variety of cutaway and cab-and-chassis models, and Ford tow trucks featuring self-loading wheel lifts from Dynamic Towing Equipment.

The Ford Motor Company has a history with commercial vehicles. Palmetto Ford Truck Sales has a history with those Ford trucks and vans. For help writing the next chapter in the history of your business or municipality, call (305) 470-1375 or visit 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL today.