Those who know and love Ford trucks know Palmetto Ford Sales. Just like the models we sell, we’re solid and dependable. You can count on us for Ford parts service to make sure your Ford truck keeps running like new, whether you bought it this year or many years ago. You should also know that using the right fuel for your gasoline-powered engine can be just as much of a help. 

Keeping Your Tank Full

Nobody wants to run out of gas in heavy traffic or to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. That’s why it helps to keep your gas tank from going below a quarter to a half tank. It’ll also keep your injectors clean, keep your fuel pump from burning out, and prevent condensation when it gets cold out.

But don’t fill the tank too much. Gas pumps now have recapture technology that keeps your tank from overfilling, also protecting the environment by capturing gasoline vapor. That means that if you “top off,” the pump is actually siphoning off the gas. You’re paying them to take gas back!

Gasoline Tiers Explained

There are two tiers of gas. Tier 2 gasoline is cheaper because it has fewer additives and detergents. The savings come at a cost since you may get fewer miles per gallon and your engine could end up sluggish. Because tier one (or  TOP TIER™) gas has more additives, it costs more but it’s also keeping your injectors and engine cleaner. You’ll notice fewer trips to the pump and better performance.

What’s Octane?

High-compression engines need higher-octane gas. If you use low-octane gas in a high-compression engine, it’s likely to knock. Follow your owner’s manual’s suggested octane for your truck or SUV.

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