If you live in the Miami area, the mild winters are one of life’s great perks. That said, they can also complicate things when it comes to maintaining your Ford truck. After all, unlike our friends to the north, we don’t have pronounced changes in the seasons to remind us to keep things shipshape. Time for a visit to Palmetto Ford Truck Sales.

Here are a few easy essentials, some of which you can take care of yourself and others of which should be left to our expert technicians.

  • Spring cleaning: Start off the new season with a clean truck or SUV. It won’t take long, and it’s especially advisable if you’ve leased your new Ford truck or SUV.
  • Visual inspection: Nobody wants to be pulled over for a broken taillight or find their visibility is terrible in the pouring rain because a headlight is out. Make sure everything’s in working order, and while you’re at it, check your tires (including the spare) for signs of wear due to use or age.
  • Highway tuneup: We like cranking the stereo on long drives as much as anyone. But for this part of your checklist, turn the radio or the Ford SYNC infotainment system off. You want to keep an ear open for any unusual noises, as well as checking steering feel, brake response, and anything that might feel a bit off.
  • Visit our Ford service center: Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll have a pretty good idea of the condition of your Ford F-150. Make note of any potential issues, then bring your vehicle into our Miami Ford dealership. We’ll go over your vital systems — fluids, brakes, battery, hoses, filters, and the rest — to ensure you’re ready for the hot months ahead.

Don’t forget, Palmetto Ford Truck Sales uses OEM Ford parts, installed by expert Ford technicians. Whether you’re keeping your truck ready for your next big job, or getting your SUV ready for a family vacation, we’re here at 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL to serve you. Questions? Call (305) 470-1375.