News about new Ford models occasionally comes from unexpected quarters, and this is one of those times. Two new developments underscore the quality of new Ford trucks and vans, as well as the technological innovation at the company’s heart. And some of the news is being made not far from Palmetto Ford Truck Sales.

We start with news in Trucks, which reports that specialty truck builder Oshkosh Corporation — which specializes in commercial and severe-duty trucks, often based on other companies’ designs and platforms — is collaborating with Ford Motor Company to bid on the United States Postal Service’s Next Generation Delivery Vehicle Program. The truck, based on the Ford Transit cargo van, has a distinct advantage over many of the other entrants; its higher cargo area allows drivers to stand while loading and unloading.

Testing is currently being done in areas that will push each entrant to its limits, from the cold of rural Michigan to the high heat of Tucson, AZ. The contract promises to be a lucrative one, since 180,000 trucks need to be replaced over the next few years at an estimated cost of 6.3 billion dollars.

Other news is unfolding closer to home. In a recent Medium post titled We’re Going to Miami: The First Proving Ground for Our Self-Driving Service, Sherif Marakby, Ford Vice President, Autonomous Vehicles and Electrification, explains why Miami and Miami Beach are the ideal proving ground for Ford autonomous vehicles.

“Miami was recently listed as the 10th most congested city in the world […] and the fifth most congested city in the United States.” He elaborates that this “serves as a reminder that people always need to be at the center of our plan, so we’re setting out to solve for their pain points.”

Early partnerships with Domino’s Pizza and Postmates will be an acid test for the company’s self-driving technology, but that’s not all that’s under the microscope; the behaviors of truck loaders, drivers, and the customers who interact with the technology will also be assessed.

Millions worldwide count on Ford trucks and vans to get the job done, and they trust the brand and their Miami Ford dealer because time and again, Ford delivers. If you need a truck or van to get the job done, visit Palmetto Ford Truck Sales at 7245 NW 36th St (Doral Blvd) in Miami, FL today.